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ASIBA Masterclasses are online events lead by expert outside speakers giving students a taste of what it might be like to study at university and to find out more about different careers.

Masterclasses are not generally recorded unless otherwise stated. To find out more and register in advance for the Masterclasses, click on the “Read more” buttons below.

Upcoming Masterclasses for 2022-23!

See below for the next Masterclasses in this year’s programme. Recordings from previous Masterclasses can be found in the next section.

Conflict Management in Theory and Practice: Who? How? What challenges?
8 December 2022

Conflict Management in Theory and Practice: Who? How? What challenges? Violent conflict has increased over the last decade and is set to continue with climate change, mass displacement and other challenges on the rise. Today we can count more than 110 armed conflicts across the world, from the Middle East, Africa to Asia, Latin America and…

Are cartels bad for the economy? And what can we do about it?
12 January 2023

Are cartels bad for the economy? And what can we do about it? The word ‘cartel’ refers to (forbidden) conduct that unfairly restricts competition, for example by agreeing to fix prices, allocate markets, adjust shipments in collusion with other business entities. Cartels are often referred to as a “cancer to the market economy” since they…

Examples of previous Masterclasses below – click for recordings

Power Mix and Economics for Energy Transition

Power Mix and Economics for Energy Transition The key objective of this masterclass is to share fundamental insights on energy generation technologies alongside market trends and needs. How do we generate energy? What is the role of energy engineers in the energy sector? Why is our economy tied to energy? What are the current energy…

Agriculture and Climate Change: from villain to hero

Agriculture and Climate Change: from villain to hero Agriculture is both the largest user of land and our largest engineered ecosystem. Agriculture – the way we clear land, modify landscape, treat our soils, grow our food, manage the growing environment, rear farm animals, use agro-chemicals, etc. – has a negative impact on our climate. New…

Social Inequalities in Health

Social Inequalities in Health This interactive masterclass will first show that social conditions are related to health, this phenomenon being widespread across countries and over time. These health inequalities are unjust, avoidable, and persistent. We observed them develop in real-time during the pandemic. Participants will be asked to engage with why they think poverty, social…

Paying for our planet’s survival: who should foot the bill for decarbonization and how?

Paying for our planet’s survival: who should foot the bill for decarbonization and how? Climate change is an existential peril. In order to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, we urgently need to reduce our emissions from greenhouse gases. This requires nothing short of a complete transformation of the way our societies produce and…

Sustainable power mix

Energy transition for sustainable power mix Professor Morsili has management, strategy, and experience from his work in the energy industry. He started his career as a power plant design engineer, then a project director for new power plant projects in Latin Amercia, Russia, Middle East and France. In 2021, he took the lead within EDF…

Careers in cyber

Careers in cyber and cyber security Annick O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer of CybSafe gave a comprehensive presentation on careers in cyber security and working in cyber. Annick is a qualified UK solicitor, (England and Wales, Ireland); certified compliance officer (ACOI) and certified Cyber Risk Officer. She is a senior compliance lawyer with strong track record…

Applying to Oxbridge

Applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other competitive U.K. universities Our partners from Greene’s College, Oxford presented an introduction to applying to competitive U.K. universities with an extensive question and answer session at the end. The session covered: A brief introduction to the UCAS application process; What competitive universities are looking for in successful candidates; Suggested…

Combatting climate change

Combatting Climate Change — where do we go next? Ever wondered what more you could do for the planet, other than switching off the lights, and avoiding buying plastic? Do you have a passion for the environment, perhaps studying life sciences, politics, technology, and wish to act against climate change? Perhaps you’re considering studying Sustainable…

Leading an airline

Brace! Brace! Using business, finance & management skills to lead an airline during a pandemic! James Westgarth is currently Senior Director, Procurement at The Lufthansa Group. In this role, he has oversight of the external spend of the Group (2019: €22 billion). James recently led the initiative to secure supply chain resilience and working capital…

Other opportunities

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