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Energy transition for sustainable power mix

Professor Morsili has management, strategy, and experience from his work in the energy industry. He started his career as a power plant design engineer, then a project director for new power plant projects in Latin Amercia, Russia, Middle East and France. In 2021, he took the lead within EDF (Electricité de France) as engineering managing director in charge of implementing a global energy digital transformation.

Professor Morsili is an energy engineer and economist with an MBA in International Business, and a graduate from Oxford University, HEC Paris, and La Sorbonne University with MSc in Nuclear Energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Economics. He is also Associate Professor at French Petrolium Institute (Ecole Polytechnique), CentraleSupelec engineering schools and lecturer at Sorbonne University. His domain of expertise covers Energy generation technology design, energy geopolitics, macroeconomics, micro grids, energy transition, AI and thermo-fluid dynamics for nuclear and renewable energy.

He recently assisted the CAE (Conseil d’Analyse Economique) with economic modelling related to continually changing energy markets, particularly the competitiveness of electricity tariffs for heavy industries between France and Germany.

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