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Who we are

ASIBA (Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones) is a not-for-profit association that supports the British version of the Baccalauréat Français International (BFI), a unique bilingual and bicultural school-leaving qualification run in partnership between the French Education Ministry and Cambridge International.

ASIBA is organised into two professional subject communities – English Language and Literature and History-Geography – that provide support and training for teachers employed in British or Anglophone international sections.  In addition, an Academic Steering Group provides a liaison role between the French Ministry of Education and Cambridge International  to assist with the coordination and development of the BFI qualification. ASIBA’s elected Board of Directors, which includes teachers, parents and volunteers, manages the association’s finances and provides strategic direction for the association.

Much of ASIBA’s work is performed on a voluntary basis by people who are committed to the BFI and the development of international education more generally.

All schools with a British or Anglophone international section validated by the French Education Ministry are actively encouraged to join and support ASIBA.

Our Aims

ASIBA aims to support and promote effective communications between the British and Anglophone sections, our partner authorities, and institutions of higher education.

In particular, ASIBAs objectives are:

  • To support the existence and the functioning of the British BFI as an integral part of the French baccalaureate
  • To organise annual teacher and examiner training events which are essential to maintaining standards and hence recognition of the BFI by British and Anglophone universities as a bilingual first language school-leaving qualification
  • To assist new schools that have set up or wish to set up a British or Anglophone section
  • To support the organisation of the BFI examinations in liaison with the various departments of the French Education Ministry, Cambridge International, local examination centres and teacher-examiners
  • To promote recognition of the BFI at institutions of higher education in the UK and further afield

ASIBA Statutes and be viewed on the documents page.

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