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Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones

ASIBA is a not-for-profit association which supports the British version of the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB), a unique bilingual and bicultural school-leaving qualification run in partnership between the French Education Ministry and Cambridge International Education (CIE).

Upcoming Masterclasses

ASIBA Masterclasses are online events led by expert outside speakers giving students a taste of what it might be like to study at university and to find out more about different careers.

Exploitation: What is it? Is it wrong? And what should we do about it?
23 March 2023

Exploitation: What is it? Is it wrong? And what should we do about it? Most ethicists agree that to exploit someone is to take unfair advantage of them. But there is widespread disagreement about what exactly it means to take unfair advantage. Some argue that exploitation involves an unfair distribution of benefits; others argue that…

Europe—Connected? The Challenges of the Communications Revolution
19 February 2023

Europe—Connected? The Challenges of the Communications Revolution We live in a networked age, in a world bound together by the internet, social media, smartphones, trains, planes and (soon-to-be driverless) cars. How did we get here? Have these innovations brought us closer together, or pushed us further apart? What is the place of the individual, society,…

Shared vision

Schools, international sections and parents’ associations involved in the teaching and running of the British international sections form the membership of ASIBA.

All members share a vision of the importance of the international sections and OIB as an essential part of international provision within French schools and as a unique example of practical educational co-operation between two countries.

A framework

The Association operates within the framework of French association law dating from 1901 and is therefore termed an “Association loi 1901″.

Much of ASIBA’s work is performed on a voluntary basis by people who are committed to the OIB and the development of international education more generally.

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