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Association des Sections Internationales Britanniques et Anglophones

Lycée International, British Section
2 bis rue du Fer à Cheval
78101 Saint Germain-en-Laye

Catherine Sagne
British OIB Schools and Examination Centres Administrative Co-ordinator

ASIBA Academic Steering Group

James Cathcart — President

St. Germain

James has taught History-Geography in the British Section of the Lycée International Saint Germain-en-Laye since 2002 and was appointed Director in 2010 and President of ASIBA in 2012.  James has made a leading contribution to the development of the OIB qualification and works in close collaboration with the Education Nationale and Cambridge International Education on partnership issues, examination organisation and recognition.  James is a graduate of Oxford University, where he studied Modern History, and holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship.

Nicholas Baker — National Subject Coordinator English Language & Literature

St Germain

Nicholas Baker is Subject Leader for Language and Literature in the British Option of the OIB. He is Deputy Director and Head of English in the British Section of the Lycée International of St Germain-en-Laye.

Born in London, and brought up in London and the midlands, Nicholas studied at the Birmingham School of Music before reading English at London University. After working in the book trade for a number of years, as well as composing and performing music, Nicholas took a PGCE and joined the staff of University College School, London. He and his French wife moved to France in 1991, firstly to the Lycée International at Ferney-Voltaire and then, two years later, to the Lycée International at St Germain-en-Laye.

Drawn from the start to the originality of the OIB in its commitment to the humanist tradition of English Literature, Nicholas became involved in the development of Language and Literature as a subject within the OIB. He represented the OIB schools in drafting official programmes for Language and Literature in the collège and lycée cycles, working with representatives of the Inspection Générale, the Programmes Department in the French Ministry of Education, and the Cambridge Inspector for Language and Literature; these programmes are published on the website of the French Ministry of Education.

As well as his commitment to English as a subject in the OIB, Nicholas has a strong interest in university entrance and the recognition of the OIB.


Alan Geary – National Subject Coordinator History-Geography


Alan Geary has been teaching history and geography in the Anglophone Section of the Cité Scolaire Internationale in Lyon since 2011. Before this he taught history and geography for nine years in the Anglophone Section of the Lycée Franco-Allemand in Buc, near Versailles.

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Alan moved to Glasgow in order to read history and French at Strathclyde University in 1994. After this, he settled in Paris to undertake a postgraduate course in history at the Sorbonne (Paris IV) in 1998. After successfully completing his degree he then passed the CAPES followed by the Agrégation, competitive exams to become a teacher in the French public sector.

In September 2017, Alan officially took over from Robert Miller as the National Subject Leader for History and Geography for France and overseas. This leads him to work closely with Cambridge International Examinations and with the French Inspection in ensuring the close partnership and smooth running of the OIB.


James Cathcart — President

See above.

Rob Miller — Vice-President

Rob Miller has been working in the OIB community since 1994. First as a History/Geography teacher and examiner, then as National History/Geography co-ordinator and now since 2011 as the Head of the Anglophone Section at the CSI of Lyon. At Lyon, he follows in the footsteps of Donna Philip who was also an ASIBA founder and former President.

Although born in Billericay (someone has to be), he grew up in the North and graduated from Hull University with a degree in Geography and Geology. Searching for adventure and an alternative life style, he then spent thirteen years on a small island in the Finnish archipelago. There he worked as a lumberjack through the long winters, then fished and tended his vegetables and sheep during the short summers. Returning to the UK, he became a teacher through a graduate teacher scheme and worked for three years in a school in Essex before leaving for France.

In addition to his main role as teacher and now manager, Rob has developed a series of extra-curricular activities and services at the CSI. These include the International Award, Model United Nations and University Guidance. He believes strongly in the educational value of the OIB and has happily followed the progress of his students around the world. In addition, he greatly values the professionalism, friendship and support of the OIB community (ASIBA, Inspectors, Teachers, Parents) which he believes has been vital for the continued success of the qualification.

David Gage — Secretary

St. Germain parent

David Gage is a business lawyer who has been involved with ASIBA since its creation in 2000 when he handled the drafting of the Statuts and the legal formalities required to register ASIBA as an Association under the French law of 1901 on associations.

Born and brought up in London, David graduated in law from the University of Reading and qualified as a solicitor in 1981. After some years working in London and 3 years in Hong Kong, he came to Paris in 1990, becoming an avocat in 1992. He and his wife have two children at the Lycée International of St. Germain-en-Laye.

David has been the General Secretary of ASIBA since 2005 and his role includes taking minutes of meetings, piloting annual membership renewals, handling contractual matters and dealing with legal formalities.

Shaun Corrigan — Treasurer


A graduate of London, Granada and Aix-en-Provence, Shaun completed his post-graduate studies at Lancaster before entering the teaching profession in 1994. In addition to leading departments in a variety of British schools, he has been highly involved in examining and teacher-training, working with universities in England and across Europe. Over the years, he has enjoyed collaborating in numerous projects between the British and French education systems.

Prior to his arrival in France, Shaun spent eight years as Head of a large department in an academic grammar school in the north of England. Appointed Director of the Anglophone Section of the Lycée François Ier in Fontainebleau in 2010, he has been instrumental in establishing the school as the second (British) OIB oral examining centre in the Paris region.

Betty Lau — Board Member


Betty Lau has been teaching in the OIB community for over 15 years and is currently Head of English and University Advising in the Anglophone Section of the Sections Internationales de Sèvres. She teaches and examines for OIB  Language and Literature and is an adviser for universities in the UK.

Before arriving in the SIS in 2000, she taught in Education Programs of the Art Gallery of Ontario and The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and at the American Section of the Lycée International de St.Germain-en-Laye. She was for many years on the ELSA FRANCE planning committee for the annual TDD (Teacher Development Day) in Paris.

Betty studied Literature and Art History (1988-1992) at the University of Toronto, where she also earned an MA and her teaching qualifications (BEd). Her varied academic and personal interests have taken her to studies at the Università di Siena, L’Ecole du Louvre, Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and, most recently, the Instituto Venezia.

Nicholas Baker — Board member

See above.

Katharine Axten — Board member

Balzac parent

Katharine has a child in the Anglophone section at Honoré de Balzac (Paris) and represents the interests of Balzac parents and OIB parents in general. She came to France 20 years ago to work as a Technical Writer and has more recently created and implemented training programs for businesses.

Alan Geary – Board Member

See above.

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