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Studying in the UK from A to Z – a student perspective

Many students often explore university fairs and university websites to gain insights into studying in the UK. However, there’s no better source of firsthand information about student life than hearing it directly from a student. This is why we (Anouk and Laura) started the International Student Voices podcast. Through our podcast, we aim to share valuable tips and advice with current or prospective international students interested in studying in the UK. Drawing from a variety of episodes, we’ve decided to delve into a diverse range of topics related to student life in the UK, ranging from the experience of living in student accommodation to navigating the social aspects of university life and understanding the education system. Join us as we cover it all!

Anouk Stricher

A former British Section student, I have studied and lived in the UK for over 4 years now, starting with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media at the University of Leeds and then a Master’s in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College London. After several years in the UK, me and Laura (whom I met during my Bachelor’s degree) decided to create a podcast to share tips and advice for current and prospective international students wanting to study in the UK. Our podcast is called the International Student Voices podcast which you can find through this link: Currently, I am working as a Marketing Executive for CARE International UK in London.

Laura Malaussene

Originally from France; I did my BA and MA in the UK, at the University of Leeds and the University of the Arts London respectively. Having grown up in France and Nigeria and lived in the UK for four years, I was inspired to create a podcast for international students. Sharing the same international background and studying an undergraduate degree with Anouk, we decided to launch the ISV podcast. Upon our arrival in the UK, we were filled with so many questions, having never lived there before. Motivated by this curiosity, we decided to create a podcast to recount our experiences and share tips on how to navigate the UK’s academic and cultural landscape. Currently, I am working as a Communications Intern at Illumina in Cambridge.

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