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Careers in cyber and cyber security

Annick O’Brien, Chief Operating Officer of CybSafe gave a comprehensive presentation on careers in cyber security and working in cyber. Annick is a qualified UK solicitor, (England and Wales, Ireland); certified compliance officer (ACOI) and certified Cyber Risk Officer. She is a senior compliance lawyer with strong track record in compliance program management and training & awareness projects. She has run compliance programs for security companies, financial sector and FMCG. With a special focus on privacy, data integrity and information security she works to integrate risk mitigation in parallel to business strategy.

Cybsafe is a security awareness and data analytics software that helps you reduce avoidable security incidents by measuring and improving your people’s security behaviours. It’s an app that helps people make better security decisions and provides real-time assistance in ever changing personal and work environments. This is behavioural security.

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