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Social Inequalities in Health

This interactive masterclass will first show that social conditions are related to health, this phenomenon being widespread across countries and over time. These health inequalities are unjust, avoidable, and persistent. We observed them develop in real-time during the pandemic. Participants will be asked to engage with why they think poverty, social disadvantage, race/ ethnicity, and other social factors are related to health, mortality and life expectancy. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence on the causes of health inequalities, we will also discuss why these inequalities still occur and why they seem so hard to tackle.

Dr. Michelle Kelly-Irving

Dr. Michelle Kelly-Irving is an epidemiologist, and director of research at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm). She leads a team of researchers in the field of public health working on health inequalities to understand why poverty and social disadvantage are related with worse health outcomes.

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