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An interview with Stephanie Studer, US Senior Digital Editor with The Economist conducted by Clémence Rebora, student at Kings College London and British Section alumna. Stephanie talks about her privileged standpoint on the evolution of print and digital journalism, her experience as a foreign correspondent in Asia, and the importance of fixers and behind-the-scenes work in the media. This podcast is part of the Kings College London (KCL) Radio’s weekly journalism and media series ‘No More Questions’.

Stephanie Studer

Stephanie Studer is the US digital editor, overseeing The Economist’s non-print coverage of the United States. She was previously China correspondent in Beijing, Business correspondent in Shanghai, and Seoul bureau chief, covering the two Koreas. She travelled to Pyongyang once, where she taught a class of female entrepreneurs. In 2021 she wrote a seven-part report on Chinese youth. Among other stories, she has written about Wuhan recovering from the coronavirus outbreak, factory workers’ lives, the mercantile history of porcelain, and how China made the piano its own. Stephanie is a former Masterclass speaker and British Section alumna.

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