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« Vauban, Lycée français de Luxembourg » is seeking to appoint an experienced and passionate History and/or Geography teacher to join its British International Section and BFI (Baccalauréat français international) team.

Pupils range from Key Stage 3 (aged 11) to Key Stage 5 (aged 18) and are studying in order to take the French International Baccalaureate (BFI).

The successful candidate may be asked to teach other innovative subjects, such as « Connaissance du Monde » (part of the BFI), or History and/or geography in the European section (CLIL).

The position offered is full time and starts 1 Septembre 2024.

Please send your application to

Applicants should preferably be
– Qualified teachers with a Master’s Degree in History and/or Geography from an English-speaking country, and perfectly fluent in English.
– Experienced in teaching Humanities according to British standards.
– Keen on teamwork with a good sense of adaptability. You will be working in pairs with a French colleague in charge of teaching the French part of the curriculum.
– Eager to join the British international section team within the Foreign Languages Department and ready to show full commitment.
– Able to communicate in French (B2 level) with colleagues and families.
– Some knowledge of the French Educational School System is not a must but definitely a plus.

Duties :
– Teach history and geography in English according to British standards.
– Lead engaging instruction according to the French National Curriculum for British international sections.
– Help students learn subject matter and develop skills, including attitude and aptitude for acquiring practical competencies.
– Design and implement subject-based knowledge within a pedagogical framework.
– Design and deliver all forms of relevant student assessments, and provide student feedback.
– Provide personalised follow-up and guidance on further education and career choices, and communicate regularly with families to share student progress.
– Contribute towards the promotion and proper functioning of the British international section
– Submit proposals, develop and participate actively in school projects.
– Collaborate with other teachers and school leaders, and participate in regular training sessions specifically designed for British international section and BFI teachers.
– Potentially perform specific duties (class teacher, coordinator, subject leader, etc.).

Skills :
– Master subject matter and didactic approaches.
– Develop and deliver high quality instruction based on strong pedagogical approaches and learning methods, including strategies to cater for student diversity.
– Organise and guarantee teaching centered around the learning outcomes and social development of pupils.
– Assess pupil progress and acquisitions.
– Ensure that all skills are assessed as required by the curriculum throughout the year.
– Be comfortable using Pack Office, Outlook and Teams, and have an aptitude for teaching with apps such as Notability, Padlet and Genially.
– Be adaptable and ready to work within an innovative and demanding environment.
– Be eager to take into account student diversity.

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