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The teacher’s main mission is to provide students with knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to develop skills in the subject.


  • Conduct History and Geography lessons in English for European or British international sections with Cambridge-based program (IGCSE, IELTS…) for middle school and high school
  • Teaching History, Geography and Global Perspective according to the IGCSE program
  • Design and implement learning or teaching situations based on French programs and standards
  • Convey subject knowledge
  • Design and implement methods of assessment of student’s learnings, in liaison with other teachers or professional partners
  • Ensure that students acquire skills including capability, good behaviour, and know-how, among others
  • Lead the class and foster students’ interest and participation
  • Provide personalized monitoring of students by working closely with their family and participate in their educational project
  • Contribute to teamwork
  • Contribute to the operation of the school and its growth (involvement in projects and events, etc…)
  • Adapt his/her teaching to the diversity of students by providing each of them with the necessary support, and assess their achievements
  • Use educational softwares to support learning
  • Be in charge specific functions such as coordination, head teacher and others


  • Recognised qualification in Teaching (Master’s, PGCE, PGDE, CRPE)
  • Deep understanding of the subject and the curriculum
  • Experience in teaching in  Middle and High school is preferable
  • Be able to teach the speciality History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Sciences would be a plus
  • Knowledge of the French curriculum
  • Organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Responsiveness and availability
  • Adaptability and benevolence
  • Very good writing and speaking skills
  • Strong teamwork skills and committed to making projects successful
  • Experience as a Form teacher and coordination for the students career orientation plan would be strong benefit
    Mastery of digital tools
  • Able to adapt to French-speaking and non French-speaking students
  • Able to provide instructions suited to a wide variety of students
  • Able to work in a transversal and multidisciplinary way
  • A good command of French is a plus in order to facilitate the communication with families and colleagues


Full time (18h of teaching/week)
Remuneration will be based on company salary scale
Start date: End of August 2024

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