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The annual OIB/BFI subject meetings will be held online, via Zoom. This follows a decision by  the French Education Ministry to limit in-person meetings due to an anticipated increase in the number of Covid infections.  Whilst it is disappointing that we won’t be able to meet in person, the online format does have the advantage of opening the meetings to a larger number of colleagues. Meetings will take place on the the following days :

  • English Language and Literature (Approfondissement Culturel et Linguistique):  6th and 7th October
  • History-Geography: 13th and 14th October

Please register via the reply form sent via ASIBA Schoolpost before 9th September so we can issue Convocations. A more detailed programme will also follow in mid-September.

If you are a new colleague or have not received the ASIBA Schoolpost message, please contact


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