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  • The principal aim is to develop research, study and communication skills, whilst developing the student’s awareness of aspects of the cultural characteristics of their section.
  • Students are to undertake a research project, on a subject of their choice, which involves an international partner.
  • The student’s research project should be developed from one of three  paths of reflection.
  • 2 hours a week in 1e and Te.
  • Taught in the section language by ACL and or DNL teachers
  • Each school can develop their own programme according to their resources and expertise. The aim is to guide the  students through the paths of reflection within a British cultural context (see déclination document). Examples of how different schools are supporting their students can be found in the October 2022 PPP.

Paths of reflection (see detailed document in teaching resources)

a) Thinking about society

  • Understanding how societies structure and evolve
  • Understanding the functioning of the State, analysing the life of institutions
  • To develop and express thoughts and opinions, to comment on developments in society

b) Living in the world

  • Sharing spaces
  • Moving around
  • Cultural and linguistic diversity

c) Building a common future

  • Protect, conserve, improve
  • Seeking ways to achieve sustainable development
  • Innovate, create, evolve


Bulletin Officiel:

Link to main page on EDUSCOL (see British version on page 2)

Link to Terminale and Première Programme:

Link to Programme Adaptation for British Version

Link to Bulletin Officiel – Modalités d’évaluation

Fiche d’évaluation – Oral – Connaissance du Monde

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