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Individual schools are to determine how to evaluate the progress of their students through 1e and Te.

Final Assessment

  • Oral assessment  – Duration: 20 minutes, no preparation time
  • The assessment, organised in school by the Section, towards the end of Terminale, consists of a presentation by the candidate of their individual project.
  • This presentation, lasting a maximum of 10 minutes, is then followed by a 10-minute discussion with the examiners. This will take place in English.
  • The examiners will be two teachers, one from the English department and one other BFI teacher. Teachers can examine their own students.

a) Presentation (10 mins)

The presentation will focus on the processes and procedures the student has been through  preparing their project. This will include:

-> Justifying the choice of research question, and how it links to the syllabus.
-> Evaluating and analysing sources, including links with international partners.
-> Explaining and defending the approach and methodology.
-> Explaining the knowledge and skills acquired during the project.

b) Discussion (10 mins)

After a maximum of 10 minutes, the examiners will discuss the presentation with the candidate. The purpose of the discussion will be to provide the candidate with opportunities to deepen or clarify certain points raised during the presentation. They should focus on the process the candidate has been through, the commitment it has involved, and the contribution made by their link with their international partner.

A final assessment will take place according to the assessment criteria. These will be agreed upon, through discussion, by the examiners at the end of the oral examination.

A summary evaluation sheet will be completed, by the examiners, for each candidate.

c) Supporting material

The presentation will be supported by either paper or digital resources prepared by the candidate in advance. Provision will be made for students to project digital resources during the presentation. If resources are prepared on paper, then copies will be provided, by the candidate, for themselves and each examiner. The quality and presentation of these materials are not part of the evaluation, they are solely for illustrative purposes. The support materials may be material prepared by the candidate and/or research materials and could include:

-> Short texts or extracts from documents.
-> Images or Photographs.
-> Graphs or charts.
-> Maps.

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