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University entrance test preparation courses

A number of universities, especially Oxford and Cambridge, require students to take entrance exams as part of the selection process. A full list of these tests can be found at The tests take place in the first term of Terminale.

In order to help students to prepare for these tests, ASIBA has negotiated a group-rate for a series of online preparation courses run by experienced tutors from a highly reputed organisation, Greene’s Tutorial College, Oxford (see

Courses offered include:

  • U.K. aptitude test preparation: courses for all current aptitude tests required for U.K. universities including, for example, the UCAT, BMAT, TSA, MAT, PAT, NSAA etc
  • Physics, Natural Sciences & Engineering bridging course: a specially designed course, specifically aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of core material for the aptitude tests, covering material that is not included in the relevant Baccalauréat Spécialités

The courses are primarily aimed at students in Première but Greene’s are also hoping to be able to run a pre-preparation course for Seconde students interested in studying science at university, subject to demand.


More information about the courses can be found at:


To register for courses, please go to:


The application deadline for courses is 31st March for the Physics, Natural Sciences & Engineering Bridging Course and 30th April for all other courses. Students will need to know what university course(s) they intend to apply for before registering.

A minimum of five students will be required to run each course.

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