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Examiner deployment

Each year, the National Subject Leaders designate teacher-examiners for the OIB written and oral examinations based upon the information provided by the Heads of Section and communicate details to the teacher-examiners concerned. Teacher-examiners then receive a formal convocation from the French authorities. Please note that OIB examinations must take precedence over any other examination duties.

State payments and reimbursements

In order for OIB oral examiners to be paid and receive the reimbursements provided by the French authorities (see below), they are required to complete a dossier de prise en charge financière (DPEC).


If you are a new teacher or examiner, please return the documents requested on the website above as soon as possible.


If you have been an examiner and received reimbursements in previous years, you should not have to complete the form again.  However, as you will be aware, the SIEC manages thousands of examiners’ files and sometimes details of the files can be deleted by the operating system.  Therefore, to avoid delays, you may consider submitting the form prior to each examination session.

Examiner Travel and Expenses


Oral examiners can make travel arrangements free of charge via Amplitudes:
Oral examiners should also register with IMAG’IN to ensure any additional expenses (accommodation and meals) are reimbursed as quickly as possible (see previous link).
State reimbursements have been reviewed upwards and details can be found at:

Oral examination centres are invited to send an invoice for the reimbursement of examiners’ lunches to the ASIBA Treasurer, Shaun Corrigan, at

Accommodation & expenses

State reimbursements have been reviewed upwards and are now 90-110€ per night depending on the location: see

ASIBA may be able to help colleagues who have paid out reasonable expenses that are not fully covered by state reimbursements – please contact Shaun Corrigan, ASIBA Treasurer, at

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