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Digital media

10 December 2022

Evolving An interview with Stephanie Studer, US Senior Digital Editor with The Economist conducted by Clémence Rebora, student at Kings College London and British Section alumna. Stephanie talks about her privileged standpoint on the evolution of print and digital journalism,…

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Social Inequalities in Health

Social Inequalities in Health This interactive masterclass will first show that social conditions are related to health, this phenomenon being widespread across countries and over time. These health inequalities are unjust, avoidable, and persistent. We observed them develop in real-time…

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Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II

C'est avec une grande tristesse que la communauté de l'ASIBA se joint à la famille royale et aux nombreux peuples du monde entier qui portent le deuil de la perte de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II. Le dévouement de…

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OIB/BFI Subject Meetings, October

The annual OIB/BFI subject meetings will be held online, via Zoom. This follows a decision by  the French Education Ministry to limit in-person meetings due to an anticipated increase in the number of Covid infections.  Whilst it is disappointing that…

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Sustainable power mix

Energy transition for sustainable power mix Professor Morsili has management, strategy, and experience from his work in the energy industry. He started his career as a power plant design engineer, then a project director for new power plant projects in…

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