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Lycée Georges Duby, Luynes (Aix en Provence)

For administrative reasons, the positions below did not appear in the “postes spécifiques” of  the “Mouvement national”. They will thus be  temporary positions for a year. They can then become an official “nomination” in September 2019. The school is a public French ‘Education Nationale’ school. The teachers must have the CAPES.

It would however also be possible for a non-Education Nationale teacher to apply as a contract teacher, for the year.


One full time Language Literature teacher for : Teaching from Seconde to Terminale, IGCSE English Language and English Literature EDEXCEL Board, Cambridge FCE to CPE, OIB British Option Language and Literature.

One full time History/Geography teacher for: Teaching from Seconde to Terminale OIB British option.

Other duties expected: attending regular meetings, taking on Accompagnement personalisé if necessary, running or participation in clubs.

Send your Curriculum Vitae and any queries to Mrs Sharon Miron-Hughes, Head of section, Lycée Georges Duby, 200 Ave Georges Duby, 13080 Luynes.
Your application will then be sent to the LL and HG inspectors, who will be the ones to make the decisions and do the recruitment.

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