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International French School Amsterdam

International French School Amsterdam, IFS Amsterdam, is an accredited International French private school committed to bilingual French and English education of the highest standard. Our mission is to create a generation of responsible, passionate, creative and empathetic citizens who are aware of the social issues surrounding them and fully capable of facing tomorrow’s world.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, IFS Amsterdam is looking to hire individuals who are interested in working in a bilingual French/English setting for a secondary (middle and high school) English teacher position:

Secondary English Teacher – 6th to 12th grades

We are looking for a teacher who:

· has a MA in English or higher

· has at least 2 years of experience teaching English in grades 6-12

· has strong writing and speaking skills

· has skills for teaching English literature

· is capable to collaborate and exchange on curriculum and teaching practices

· is open to new educational approaches

· enjoys collaborating on curriculum and project-based learning

· is adaptable, flexible and willing to teach several different grades through Middle School and High School

· has excellent communication and interpersonal abilities


If you’re interested in being considered for this position, please apply at with the subject « English Teacher – IFS »

Audren Seguillon

International French School
Amsterdam – Pays-Bas



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