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Online preparation courses for students applying to competitive-entry university courses

ASIBA has developed a partnership with Greene’s Tutorial College in Oxford to provide courses designed to help students improve their chances of success in applications to Oxford, Cambridge and other competitive-entry university courses.

Courses offered include:

  • U.K. aptitude test preparation: courses for all current aptitude tests required for U.K. universities including the UCAT, BMAT, TSA, MAT, PAT, GAT, HAT, ELAT, NSAA, AHAA, GAA, ECAA, ENGAA, MTUA, and others
  • Physics, Natural Sciences & Engineering bridging course: a specially designed course, specifically aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of core material for the aptitude tests, covering material that is not included in the relevant Baccalauréat Spécialités

All courses are delivered online and ASIBA has negotiated preferential group rates to ensure affordability.

For more information, please visit:

The priority deadline for registerations is 15th May.

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