University Entrance Group

ASIBA is pleased to announce the creation of the University Entrance Group, led by teachers and university entrance advisers from member schools of the OIB community.

With the ever-growing number of British option schools and candidates and a rapidly changing higher education landscape in the UK and further afield, it was suggested at this year’s Schools Forum Meeting that a group of this kind was needed to help address the many aspects and concerns of university entrance across schools.

The ASIBA University Entrance Group’s mission is three-fold :

  • to support teachers in their role as advisers by providing up-to-date information, resources, and supporting documents accessible on the new University Entrance pages of the ASIBA website, and in leading workshops at subject meetings.
  • to develop the information available about the OIB as a qualification to students and their parents on the public access pages of the website.
  • to provide a unified voice in the representation and promotion of the OIB to universities and institutionsn in the UK and beyond.